The Cradle to Career Alliance is Missouri’s only member of the National Strive Together Network, with 70 communities and two foreign countries using continuous improvement and collective action to build a cradle to career civic infrastructure.

Strive Together employs a detailed framework that is structured, though adaptable, based on each community’s needs. The Network is resource rich, providing information and strategies as well as many opportunities to connect with other communities doing the same work with similar goals. Partnerships are committed to the educational success of all children and youth from cradle to career.

We use the Results Based Accountability Framework developed by Mark Friedrich to combine strategic planning with different research strategies to build a strong understanding of local issues, so we can identify and tailor the best solutions for our community.

A focus on overarching community results allows us to address challenges related to being program-rich and systems-poor. We focus on infrastructure.  In order to be successful, we have to engage diverse partners with a stake in changing trends who are willing to use their strengths toward a common vision of population well-being (see below). No one institution or program can do it alone.