Our community identified six core milestones serving as markers for tracking successful student development. Each milestone contains a set of indicators proven by research to give us a strong sense of how children and their families are currently doing, in addition to how they may do in the future. While milestone outcomes are analyzed individually, we also review them as a collective whole, as a way to view students’ trajectories through the same system.   

List of Indicators by Educational Milestone

Kindergarten Readiness

  • AIMSweb (literacy screening to identify bottom 25th percentile)
  • [Some districts plan to use the literacy section of the DIAL IV]
  • Boone County Checklist (all 4 major domains]

Third Grade Reading Proficiency

  • AIMSweb (used as a screening to detect the bottom 25th percentile)
  • Statewide DESE proficiency tests
  • Boone County Checklist

Successful Transition into Middle School

  • STAR math (fall 6th grade)
  • STAR reading (fall 6th grade)
  • Attendance (percent who attend 90% of classes in 6th grade)
  • Boone County Social-Emotional Checklist (fall 6th)

Successful Transition out of Middle School

  • Attendance in 8th (percent who attend 90%)
  • Aspire in 9th (an academic assessment by ACT measuring percent “on track to college”)
  • Credits in 9th grade (% with all 6 credits, so “on track to graduate”)
  • Boone County Social-Emotional Checklist in 10th (beginning fall 2016)

Graduation from High School College or Career Ready

  • 4-Yr. Graduation Rate
  • Percent ready for college or career
  • ACT college-ready score
  • FAFSA completion rate. A possible additional metric that needs more study
  • Boone County Social-Emotional Checklist in 10th 

Enrollment and Completion of College or Career Training

  • College & career enrollment DESE 180 day report.    Completion tbd

*We may delete “12th grade Boone County Social-Emotional Checklist” because we are already using 10th grade.