The following individuals graciously donated their time and effort to participate in the Wise Education Collaborative Action Network:

Bev Borduin, Grant Pre-School

Tamara Breece, Buckles & Bows

Melody Boling, Launch

Christy Brookins, VDP CDC

Nate Beucke, MU Pediatrician

Tiffany Campbill, Tree Top Childcare

Adrian Clifton, Worley St. Roundtable

Lisa Driskelhawxby, OPEN

Vicki Davolt, Launch/SOAR

Wendy Ell, Launch/SOAR

Pat Forward, Moose Tracks Center

Christi Everett, OPEN

Leslie Fannin, CMCA

Kim Harvey, Harrisburg ELC

Michelle Haynam, Hallsville Public Sch.

Karen Himmelberg, Southern Boone

Cheryl Howard, Nora Stewart CDC

Sarah Howard, DBRL

Tracey Huang, MACC

Jack Jensen, FCFC

Karen Jimerson, Hallsville Public Sch

Alicia Jobe, CPS

Janeene Johnston, LCFS

Nancy Knipping, MU

Verna Laboy, Worley St. RoundTBL

Rachel Kyrah, Soar

Belinda Masters, CPS PAT

Teresa McClure, Harrisburg

Catheryn Miller, Parent Link

Joanne Nelson, BOCOCSF

Julia Parker, Julia’s Fam Home Pre-S

Phil Peters, MU/C2CA

Cindy Reese, DHSS

Janet Robison, Child Care Aware

Mary Rook, CPS Pre-school

Ron Rowe, Rc2 /C2CA

Lisa Ryan, Reach

Mary Ann Sanders, Centralia

Marisa Sherbo, CPS

Tami Strodman, Harrisburg Pub Sch

Melody Vieth, CMCA Headstart

Laura Warbritton, Centralia R-IV

Laine Young-Walker, MU Psychiatry