The Cradle to Career Alliance welcomes volunteers and interns for anything from research and data analysis to marketing and communication.  If you’d like to consider filling a role like this with our nonprofit, please contact us at cradletocareerinfo@gmail.com or visit our Cradle to Career Alliance page on Facebook and send a message.

Helping our youth

  • Other ways that you can support our work is by helping the youth around you. The Search Institute has identified 40 Developmental Assets that support youth in becoming productive citizens.  Visit their site to learn how you might support youth you know.
  • Mentoring a young person has been shown to have a powerful effect on their lives. Consider being a mentor.
  • Volunteer to help at your local school.  Schools often need volunteers to work with students.
  • Talk to children you meet or know in adult language about their surroundings, topics of interest, etc.  Building a broad vocabulary is a key to school success.
  • Read to children in your environment.  Being read to builds predictability about what to expect from books or other literature. Discussing what’s read is another way to build vocabulary and comprehension.


  • Contact your member of congress to request support in additional funding for the Parents as Teacher’s Program.
  • Contact your member of congress to encourage that funding be restored for public school based preschool.
  • Encourage the state congress to  increase the amount of child care subsidies.
  • Encourage your member of congress to support a bill allowing voluntary assessments for childcares with a focus on improvement.  In 2016 the legislature sent a bill that would allow for Quality Rating Systems to be used in Missouri as they are in the other 49 states.  This is a major move forward for quality child care in Missouri.