Transforming children into educated, independent adults is the job of the entire community.  Cradle to Career Alliance is a nonprofit with a vision of equal opportunities and increased success for all Boone County children and their families.  Cradle to Career Alliance isn’t a direct service agency, instead, we serve as the “backbone” to study, educate, and convene to make things happen.  

  • We bring together people who share a commitment to serving kids and families.
  • We extract and evaluate current data to understand what’s happening in our schools and the communities, and as a result of this research, we develop and implement targeted strategies that make a positive impact.
  • We then share the findings with those that can influence community investments and policy to create lasting change.

We have created the opportunity for you to become a Sustaining Member. This funding will directly support our 2020 agenda to develop local infrastructure through a local talent pipeline between businesses and future employees,  a home visiting hub that will strengthen family support and development for our most vulnerable families;  and creating stronger communication networks tracking literacy and social emotional development between PreK and Kindergarten sectors.

It’s time to get to work!

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