Cradle to Career Alliance Targeted Outcomes

The Cradle to Career Alliance is an educational nonprofit serving Boone County.  The process we use to improve the educational outcomes of all Boone County children and youth is somewhat different than many nonprofit organizations.  We provide neither money nor direct services.  Rather we are a convener and facilitator who brings the best minds in our county together to form Collaborative Action Networks to address each of our five goals.  We provide a unique opportunity for a cross section of the county and communities to work together to achieve a common purpose.


  • All children ready for kindergarten
  • All children reading on level by third grade
  • Smooth transitions for a all students in and out of middle school
  • High School graduation college or career ready
  • All students completing post-secondary programs and workforce ready

Members of our networks include practitioners, agencies, college and university professors, people representing our school districts, librarians, health professionals, state personnel, etc.  The groups spend 6-12 months studying root causes, best practices, evidence based practice, needed safety nets, deterrents to success, etc. Then we prioritize action steps to ensure that all students meet the goal of the Network. We use local data to monitor progress on each of our shared measurable goals and use data driven continuous improvement processes to inform our collaborative actions. We have currently two of our five Action Networks up and running, their focus is: (1) All children ready for kindergarten and (2) Smooth transition for students into 9th grade and graduating from high school ready for college or career.  As each network moves to action we will begin the next one.

We work to on align focus, direction and measures across the county. We believe that when we all work together toward common ends we have a greater opportunity to reach our desired outcomes.