Cradle to Career 2018 February Symposium

Being Part of the Solution! Understanding Links between Social Emotional Development & Poverty

February 24, 2018

from 9 am to 12:15

*light refreshments will be available preceding the event at 8:30

Bush Auditorium at Cornell Hall, University of Missouri

Event Details

Participants learned from national and local experts  about current efforts shaping the way today’s communities think about children’s social emotional development. How can we find solutions by working across disciplines and agencies to build a community that promotes well-being  for all children?

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Dr. Eric Pakulak, Director of the Brain Development Lab at University of Oregon, will share his research bridging education with the neurosciences to impact the lives of Head Start children and their parents. Please watch this short video from NOVA highlighting his work!

Keynote followed by a panel of local experts working to bring positive change to our community

Dr. Patsy Carter,  Missouri Department of Mental Health

Dr. Carter has been with the Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH) since 1989 working in various capacities with children and families.  She has worked in both inpatient and community settings, providing clinical and administrative services.  Dr. Carter is the Trauma Lead for the MODMH providing training, consultation and coaching in the area of trauma and trauma informed organizations. Her current role as Director of Children’s Clinical Services focuses on enhancing clinical practices to promote quality care in meeting the needs of children and youth with emotional, behavioral, developmental or substance use disorders across a variety of child serving systems. In March of 2014, Dr. Carter was placed in a joint position with MODMH and Children’s Division/Social Services to expand clinical and trauma consultation to the child welfare system.

Dr. Keith Herman,  MU Educational, School & Counseling Psychology

Dr. Herman is a  member of the research leadership team behind the Boone County Mental Health Coalition, the Missouri Prevention Center, and FACE. His expertise is in developmental psychopathology and school mental health, prevention and treatment of child depression, and parent, family, and school interventions.

Dr. Laine Young-Walker, MD. ,  MU School of Medicine

Dr. Young-Walker serves as Associate Dean for Student Programs and Division Chief for Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at MU’s School of Medicine. Her research has been instrumental in bringing resources to local families by providing information and support on positive parenting and educational strategies that support psychological well-being.

Dr. Adrian Clifton, MU College of Education & Worley Street Roundtable

Dr. Clifton’s research focuses on ways to promote culturally competent educators and citizens.  Her outreach is directed toward the social capital attained in community-based learning spaces, in particular, in the public housing projects. She also serves as president and co-founder for the Worley Street Roundtable, a group of concerned students and community members who have partnered with Columbia Public Schools to thread together students, families, universities and outside organizations to create viable ways to help marginalized children succeed academically, socially and spiritually.

Dr. Jennifer Wingert & Grant Elementary Team

Dr. Wingert is a longtime educator and current principal at Grant Elementary within Columbia Public Schools. Dr. Wingert and her team, members have aligned a set of strategies for building an intentional culture of positive social emotional support for her students and staff, including scheduled morning mindfulness for the entire building, and a kindness “curriculum,”  among their many efforts. She will be joined by her Grant team members: Lena Sheets, school counselor and Cathy Hughes,  Media Specialist.