Our Approach

We combine the science of continuous improvement with the power of collective action to promote educational success for all students.

Continuous improvement

We use data to identify local disparities; form a common understanding of our goals; and monitor the effectiveness of our work.

Collective action

We believe that in sharing a common vision of our goals, we work more effectively together.


We know each student is unique, and that all children deserve equal opportunities to thrive.

Who we are

The Cradle to Career Alliance is a nonprofit educational organization bringing people together from across the community to work on common goals that can put students on a path to life-long success. We believe every child deserves equal opportunity to a high quality education, as the basis of a thriving community. In partnership with Boone County districts and community organizations, we use data to identify disparities across key educational milestones, so our action teams can find solutions tailored to local needs.


We are community leaders working to improve children’s success by aligning the efforts of schools and community organizations to remove educational disparities.


Working together, we will measurably reduce the disparity in educational outcomes for Boone County children from cradle to career.





Our work is made possible due to the generosity of the Boone County Children’s Services Fund.



What have we been up to?