Our Approach

We combine the science of continuous improvement with the power of collective action to promote educational success for all students.

Continuous improvement

We use data to identify local disparities; form a common understanding of our goals; and monitor the effectiveness of our work.

Collective action

We believe that in sharing a common vision of our goals, we work more effectively together.


We know each student is unique, and that all children deserve equal opportunities to thrive.


Education is a potentially powerful channel for enhancing quality of life within communities, but schools cannot do it alone. We understand that in order to promote the success of all children, our educators, parents, and community members must bring their experience and resources together with a focus on the well-being of our students and their families.

Find out how you can join us! We truly are better…together. 

Our work is possible through generous support from the Children’s Services Fund.                              


What have we been up to?

Brilliant Beginnings Initiative

Cradle to Career Alliance and Boone County partnered to receive Pritzker Foundation funding to increase Kindergarten Readiness through prenatal to age 3 interventions. Based on recommendations coming from our 2018 K-Readiness Community Status Report, identifying Read more…